We have no idea, but most worldwide popular companies whose services and products we use every day were founded by common university students.

The reason to start their own businesses was caused by their desire to become outstanding inventors or make education easier.

Some of those companies were failures, but some are still at the top and recognized in different parts of the world.

We have prepared a compilation of the most successful companies that were founded by students with low investment capital but have grown into powerful corporations.


Google remains one of the most successful and famous companies in the area. The main goal of Google is to structure all information on the internet and make it easy to get anywhere to anyone. However, this business has started as a common student project at Stanford University. The group of students succeeded to grow a university project into an international corporation which technologies help people all over the world. These students managed to invent a new technology called PageRank that provides a powerful search engine, which we now know as Google.


The Facebook foundation is known all over the world thanks to the movie “The Social Network” when the entire story is described. In 2003 Mark Zuckerberg, a student of Harvard University, invented Facemash - an app where students could evaluate each other. The app became a failure due to a private data violation. So later in 2004 Mark along with several friends launched Facebook - the social network where users could post their photos and share thoughts in posts on their personal accounts.

Initially, the social media network was available only for Harvard students, but then it scaled up and became accessible for all American students. These days, Facebook remains one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. Moreover, The Facebook company, which is now called Meta, has also bought Instagram as an associated company.


Dropbox is one of the most frequently used online storage services where people save their documents, photos, videos, and other files accessible via browser or mobile application. The Dropbox application has been created by students of the Massachusetts University of Technology. Best essay writing service reviews claims that the main condition of using this type of software is a high level of data security which the Dropbox application provides for different models of mobile phones and other devices.

Dell Inc.

The Dell computers are famous for their stable work, resistance, and high quality. The idea came to the mind of student Michael Dell when he was studying at Texas University. Michael was fixing old computers and was really keen on that occupation. That was a great push to start his own computer production business.  Due to top paper writing services, Dell remains in the top three companies among other popular companies that produce computers, being recognized all over the world.


Snapchat was launched in 2011, impressing users with different types of virtual facial masks, an option to send photos and videos to friends or share them with all Snapchat users. This is another invention of three students of Stanford University. The main differentiator of the Snapchat application from similar solutions is that all sent photos and videos disappear as soon as they are opened by recipients. The first title of the application was Pictaboo. However, the company owners decided to change it after one of the co-founders left the team.


Nowadays, online education is gaining momentum and consistently replacing traditional offline education. However, in 2005 online education was not supposed to be efficient and qualitative enough. Chegg became one of the first digital learning platforms where students could rent digital books, ask for tips or help with their home tasks from other students, and get individual learning lessons online. Initially, this website was available only to the students of Iowa State University. As e-learning started to gain speed and power among students, the Chegg company started to grow and became available all over the world.

Bottom line

As you may notice, the companies we mentioned in this post were launched as university projects with lots of perspectives to expand. These success stories show that the key to starting a promising business is a unique and brilliant idea that has low competition and high demand among potential customers.