Instagram is now one of the most popular social networks. It is a place where we can share our thoughts, emotions, and happy moments of life. On Instagram, we can express ourselves in a different way, show our beautiful sides and increase our self-esteem.

Also, on Instagram, there are a huge number of different marathons and contests that help girls and guys raise their self-esteem and love themselves. Moreover, we think each of you, looking at photos of beautiful girls and guys, thought about what you can do in order to become more self-confident and love yourself. Instagram also has a motivational effect on people in this way.

However, this does not work in all cases. Sometimes Instagram can negatively affect people's self-esteem. Some people may feel that they are not good enough, begin to compare themselves with others, and thus destroy their self-esteem. For example, Jennifer Mills, a professor of psychology at York University, says, “Researchers have known for years that social media has a negative impact on how young women feel about themselves.” In this case, you should remember that Instagram is just a social network. We are all different and unique in our own way. Do not immediately be upset if the photo of some girl is better than yours. We'll talk more about this later.

But now, let's talk in more detail about how Instagram affects us and our self-esteem.

What are the benefits of Instagram to users?

The advent of social media has had a big impact on every person in the world. Today every web resource is a part of our daily life. And this, of course, affects our love for ourselves.

The current boom is large because Instagram is perceived as a youth network that includes a lot of dynamics in each of its functions. Its main feature is photography.

Instagram, which allows you to comment on photos and even send direct messages, works as a photo album. Most people need to immortalize every important moment through their devices and social networks. In this way, they share the happy moments of their lives with many others.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why Instagram is so popular.

1. Chat with friends

The advent of these tools allows us to more effectively and easily keep in touch with our acquaintances and friends, no matter how far away they may be.

2. Share images in real-time

It was created with a single purpose, which it still maintains to this day. This social media allows you to post hundreds of images on our profiles. Thus, each user thinks about how to take beautiful photos.

3. Dating

Instagram is a unique network. Not only can we post photos, like, and comment, like on So we also have the opportunity to write messages to any person. Thus, we can find new friends or soul mates by writing a couple of lines.

4. Instagram as a marketplace

For those looking for clothing items, for example, mobile devices or even a car, then Instagram will also help. This network adds daily profiles of companies, businesses, and people who sell different products.

5. To lift the mood

On the vastness of Instagram, there are a huge number of different fingers where recipes, memes, and funny videos are published. Thus, you can go to this social network to cheer up.

6. Emotional component

On Instagram, people get new emotions. When we post there, we get physical or emotional satisfaction. Although sometimes we don't notice it, it's true. But here there are some other opinions. According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, high usage of Instagram increases rather than decreases feelings of loneliness.

7. You meet people from every corner of the world.

Instagram is no exception and allows you to establish any kind of contact or communication with people from anywhere in the world. It all starts with "subscribe," and after that, you can search for a topic for conversation and chat.

8. Essential resource for fans

Every day more and more famous people are added to this social network. So this is the perfect opportunity for fans to watch their idols.

Fashion on Instagram continues to expand. With each update, we have more and more reasons to use this social network.

9. Self-love

After using Instagram, we become more open and love ourselves. But it also has another side. We will talk about this in more detail now.

Social media and our self-esteem

Self-esteem: what it is and how it develops

There is no doubt that social networks affect our self-esteem. Before we figure out what lies behind this phrase, let's try to figure out what self-esteem is. Self-esteem is a set of value judgments that a person makes about himself.

According to some psychological theories, self-esteem depends, for the most part, on the primary relationship we had in childhood with our reference figures. For example, a difficult childhood can create problems of personal insecurity and thus lead to low self-esteem.

Also, some life events "in adulthood" can lead to a decrease in self-esteem. This refers to sad events, divorce, or the loss of a loved one.

Social networks and self-esteem: some aspects of their relationship

Today, social networks greatly influence our self-image because they are connected not only with our idea of ​​ourselves but also with how we would like to see it.

The need to be perfect

A lot of people often pay attention to influencers and their photos. We all want to be beautiful, thin, and perfect. That is, like them. Of course, for people with low self-esteem, this can only be harmful. For them, this is another confirmation of insufficiency only because we do not fit the standards of today's beauty.

Thus, social networks seem to offer us a stereotype of beauty and lifestyle that seems hard to reach. That is what we mean when we talk about the impact of social media on self-esteem. An internal conflict is often formed when we realize that our reality does not match the one presented on social networks.

Accordingly, we set ourselves unrealistic goals, and the more we do not achieve them, the more our self-esteem suffers.

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But talking about social media and self-esteem also leads to talking about likes, comments and social media links. Today we show our whole life because we are constantly hunting for likes. We want approval and someone to appreciate and praise us. That is because we have an innate need to be appreciated.

Social networks greatly affect our self-esteem.

And so, always-on social media, we are trying to build a better version of ourselves to feel safer and more valued. It all happens because we look at others.

But, Instagram is also fashionable to use to increase your self-esteem. Now let's figure out how.

The impact of Instagram on self-esteem

Not many people notice, but Instagram has a huge impact on our self-esteem.  Why?  Everything is quite simple. When we look at other beautiful girls, we begin to become complex. As a result, our self-esteem drops. Yet, that social network can be used in a way that, on the contrary, increases self-love.

Instagram and self esteem. Instagram positive effects on the well being and self love

Create your beauty standards, and don't look at others. Now let's figure out how.

Suppose you are a rather closed person and are afraid to publish photos. Then keep some tips on how to boost your self-esteem with the help of a social network.

1. Be yourself

No need to be shy or limit yourself. If you want to share something with subscribers, do it. If you want to show users your self image, don't limit yourself. This is your life. Do what you want.

2. Start with posts

The easiest place to start is with Instagram posts. How are they made? You post a photo and write your thoughts under it. At first, it may not even be your photos. Bring up an important topic and express your opinion. Thus, you will begin to take the first steps toward communicating with the audience. And take the first steps toward self-confidence.

3. Stories

Nothing escapes embarrassment like constant monologs in Instagram stories. You can start with 2-3 conversational stories per week. And then increase this figure. This way, you will increase your confidence and stop being afraid to speak.

4. Post photos

Now there are a lot of Instagram accounts without any publications. Most often, this is because people are not self-confident enough. It also affects self-love. Many people consider themselves not beautiful enough. But it's not true. There are no ugly people in our world. You need to understand where your strengths are and how to be beautiful in the pictures.

Sign up for a photo session through photography sites or dress and take a lot of beautiful shots. And then put some of them on your page. Some of your subscribers will support you and post nice comments. Do it regularly. And you will love yourself and see how beautiful you are.

Instagram is not just a great resource for communication and beautiful photos. There is much more to it. So take advantage of these resources and boost your confidence. Remember that Instagram is only a picture.

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